Rapid Wireless Deployment


AmorForge is an emerging security technology that provides a self-powered, highly durable and tamper resistant platform for security and networking applications.

  • Designed to provide a flexible Wireless Communication platform.
  • Modular-in-Design – base model 16’; options for heights in increments of 2 feet and can be expanded horizontally from 42 inches in increments of 28 inches.
  • No part weighs more than the 65 pounds, all components can be shipped via UPS, FedEx
  • Solar power provides continuous operation requiring only 2 days of sun in 10, dependent on its location.
  • While designed to be self-contained, it can also be powered and/or connected to additional solar units or network via landscaping cable, fiber or network cable
  • ArmorForges’ canopy has the ability to house a wide array of up to 8 cameras; including fixed, thermal, and Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ)
  • Self-cleaning lenses with fluid and air jets optional
  • Video event-driven or operator flood lights optional
  • Electronics housed in NEMA 4 enclosure with liquid cooling options
  • Power mast tilt and extension
  • Articulating legs for uneven surfaces
  • Often half the cost of trenching for pole mounting cameras
  • Designed to be deployed for days or years.
  • Case Transport options for 2 man carry.  Wheel and handle options.
  • Rapid Deployment – able to be installed on-site in hours with two men and no heavy equipment
  • The only cost for relocation is the minimal manpower to relocate.
  • Drastically reduces interruption to normal operations during install.
  • Vandal resistant; no exposed screws, bolts, cables below 10 feet
  • All equipment is protected by ¼ inch thick aluminum below 14.5 feet.
  • Integrates with existing camera systems and VMS platforms or can be stand-alone with on-board DVR and video storage.

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  • Chassis – 10 years
  • All other components per manufacturers warranties


Fixed Pricing through GSA Schedule for purchase by state and local governments, including tribal governments and educational institutions defined under 40 U.S.C. 502(c).

ArmorForge purchase through GSA use Contract # 47QSWA18D000E