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Portable Power Platform

ArmorForge’s mission is to make your mission a success

The ability to secure reliable electrical power to enable the remote operation of today’s advanced electronic equipment your business relies on is critical to your ultimate mission success.  Whether your mission need is electrical power to supply a remote operation or power for a system to collect timely, accurate intelligence (surveillance) data, portable, reliable, safe, sustainable power is key to the execution of your mission.  Without the availability of electrical power for your remote mission needs, your

organization’s ability to full its mission is greatly compromised.  The ArmorForge Generation 3 Portable Power Platform (G3P3) is a unique solution to remote power needs for a seemingly endless list of applications.  The G3P3 is an enabling technology that provides self-generated solar power to satisfy the needs for portable/deployable power.   

Portable Electrical Power

Green, sustainable, reliable, self-contained electrical power

  • The P3 is User Agnostic.  The platform provides power to any electrical power consumer and/or electronic device(s).  User selectable output power includes 120VAC, 230 VAC, and up to 48 VDC.
  • P3 Supports Sustained 24x7x365 Operations.  The combination of solar panel power generation and battery power storage enables the AF P3 to support 24×7 x365 user operations.  The Platform provides 23KwH of user power on a single battery charge.  When significant portable power is needed, multiple P3 units can be connected in series to provide the required power output – we refer to this function as clustering.
  • Solar Panel Protection by “Turtling”.  The platform will be exposed to adverse environmental/weather conditions.  Under these conditions the P3 can autonomously fold itself up to reduce wind loading and to protect the solar panels – a process we call Turtling.  This feature makes the P3 the most durable and persistent platform available.

Portable Electrical Power

P3 is a green, fully self-contained, self-sufficient power generation, storage and distribution platform.

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