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US Government Purchasing Notes

Our working experience working with the Government has us taught us lessons,
lessons that when it comes time to purchase it will not be considered a gray area.
Armor Forge is a trenchless unit thus not requiring a construction budget. Most
Government Request for Proposals for CCTV upgrades include labor but does not allow
for trenching or any construction that exceeds a $5,000.00 limit without it being funded
as an AFC-43, which is difficult to obtain.
In the case of a USCG or Navy base the perimeter consists of marsh and water. To
provide a seamless perimeter utilizing security cameras does require trenching for
power, requires the installation of poles, on a concrete pad to house cameras. ARMOR
FORGE is a self-contained unit with telescoping pole, cameras, with options for thermal
and a combination of fixed and PTZ units covering 270 to 360 degrees, solar panel,
built-in DVR, wireless mesh, and public address

Below are just a small sampling of the complexities governing a United States Coast
Guard installation. Most of the funding to replace an antiquated ePACS (electronic
physical access control system) or a CCTV perimeter are often issued as AFC-30.
Highlighted in yellow is the restriction limiting the construction end, i.e. trenching to
install power cables to $5,000.00. Using the USCG and the US Navy as prime
examples, their perimeter are borders with waterways and marsh lands. To obtain the
SOW (scope of work) requirement for the industry integrator to produce a seamless
perimeter by utilizing cameras is an impossible task at limiting the dollars for
trenching/conduit/cabling to $5,000.00.

AFC-43 – General unit-level operating and maintenance (O&M) expenses. AFC-30 is
included in PPA IV: Operating Funds and Unit Level Maintenance.

AFC-42 – Depot-level maintenance and sustainment and enterprise-wide procurement
of systems and equipment supported by Coast Guard Agencies.
Nonrecurring shore maintenance, repairs, in-kind replacements, and alterations of
Coast Guard-owned real property facilities that constitute minor repair, safety, code
compliance, and corrective maintenance that is within $5K. (If project costs exceed this
amount, it shall be funded with AFC-43)

ARMOR FORGE makes “purchasing easy”. No requirement for IT, or the military’s
proprietary network, no trenching, no conduit, no cables, no $5,000.00 construction
limit, makes purchasing simple.