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Frequently Asked Questions

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The Portable Power Platform (P3) stores 23 KwH of power in its Lithium Polymer Battery Bank.  Additionally, in full sun environments, the P3 provides 11 KwH of power for a total of 34 KwH per day of electrical power.

No, the P3 is a self-contained, self-sufficient, highly reliable source of green electrical power.  The unit does not require any fuel refilling nor other periodic maintenance during fielded operations.

Yes, the P3 will operate in stead-state winds up to 45 mph with gusts to 90 mph.  When placed in the Turtle Mode, the P3 can survive winds up to 100+ mph.

No.  The P3 has been designed to be compliant with all size limitations for both standard commercial and military air transport.  The P3 can be transported by standard ground, rail and sea modes.  And – the P3, when mounted on a military pallet wit parachute will support air drop deployments.

Yes.  The P3 can survive harsh environmental and weather conditions.  The unit is highly vandal resistant.  Simply move the P3 to the desired operational location, deploy the solar panels, raise the mast and initiate operations.

Solar Panels require protection of the collection surfaces from severe weather conditions.  Also, solar panels can act a sails in extremely high winds.  “Tutling” is the automated process whereby the solar panels fold in and retract to a position that protects the panel surfaces and reduces the units winding loading.  As soon as the threat has passed, the unit can be commanded to go back to the fully operational position.

Yes.  The P3 tracks the movement of sun in both azimuth and elevation.  The result is a 40% increase in power output as compared to a non-tracking solution.

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