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Taking Innovation from Concept to Reality

Design is the link between innovation and product solutions that solve real world problems.  Our flagship product, the Portable Power Platform or P3, is the result of an innovation idea brought to life through superior design to produce a solution to a real world customer problem.  Superior design is the ability to create a solution for a customer’s real world problem that is also a solution to many, many problems for a wide range of customers.   

Design ensures that our tech is not just another good idea looking for a solution, but that our tech is the solution of your unique needs and requirements. Each one of our family of ArmorForge products can be tailored to ensure your mission requirements are satisfied in the best way possible.

Design is the process of transforming innovation concepts into reality through the process of creating a plan.  Our team is highly experienced in bringing to life the spirit of innovation for products – products that enable your mission success.  At ArmorForge design is what we do.

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